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Video projection with audio, B/W, 30'23"

Solo exhibition: Traversing the In-between, Porto, 2021

See more from the exhibition. 

Apperception Dreamscapes: Live

Recording and stills from live-streamed visual mixing

and audio, B/W, 28'40"

Live stream performance, Porto, 2021

Apperception Dreamscapes: Live is a 30 min lived-streamed performance that consisted of original audio and found footage visual mixing. 

Video with audio, B/W, 4'38"

Collaborative piece, Porto, 2022

Video for Guias Sonoras release: Precipício

Cha-Cha Liftoff 

Video, color, 2'28", 2020

A Oficina ao Lado - Dois

Video, B/W, 2'28"

Collaboration, Porto, 2020

Video to Dave Wesley's song: A Oficina ao Lado - Dois

Nada Está Escrito Afinal

Live video mixing, 1hr performance

Collaborative live performance, 2022

Passos Manuel, Porto, Portugal

Nada Está Escrito Afinal (curated by RAF - Reunião de Apócrifos Foragidos) was a live collaborative performance that took place in the theater of Passos Maneul. The performance consisted of a Herberto Hélder poetry reading by Vasco de Carvalho, music by Xavier Paes, and video art by Juna Wesley. 


The video projected was live mixed and audio reactive in response to the other performers and consisted of deconstructed/abstracted original and found footage. 

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