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My work aims to depict the underlying structures of the human experience, focusing on themes revolving around the subconscious mind, identity, and memory. I am interested in representing the complexities of perception and the transient realities that exist beneath the physical form. Primarily autobiographical, my work seeks to visualize internal environments or “dreamscapes” that are shaped by memories, dreams, thoughts, and emotions. I wish to depict the border between our inner and outer selves and the intricate interconnectivity of memory. 

Rooted in abstraction, my practice focuses on the interplay of digital and manual image-making processes by combining printmaking techniques, digital image manipulation, and audio composition. Characterized by the physicality of superimposition, repetition, and texture, my pieces are ever-shifting between moments of ambiguity and lucidity. 


Artist in Residence, April 2024

Kunstnarhuset Messen

Ålvik, Norway

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