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I am an American digital designer and visual artist currently based in Porto, Portugal. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Porto and have been creating impactful digital products for over four years. I value user-centered design that is both contemporary and pragmatic. I am passionate about creating web and mobile applications, dashboards, websites, and digital marketing materials. In addition,  I have experience in marketing and social media management, SEO, and digital communication strategy. Some of my recent successes include: leading digital design and marketing strategy for aiHealth,  creating a new website for the EU funded project CADRA, and co-founding LEAP Magazine, an online platform that supports emerging artists in Porto, Portugal. 

In parallel, I am a visual artist working in the fields of printmaking, installation, and video art. 



2020 - Present / Freelance /  Digital Product Designer


2021 - 2024 /  aiHealth /  Director of Communication, Marketing Manager, UI-UX Designer

2019 - 2024 / SRG Software / UI-UX Designer,

Web Designer

2022 - 2023 / Fraendi /Graphic Designer

Nov. - Dec. 2022 / The CADRA Project /  Web Designer

2019 - 2022 / LEAP Magazine / Co-Founder, Art Director, Web Designer

2019 - Present / Visual Artist / Printmaking, Video art, Installation

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