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Juna Wesley is an American digital designer and visual artist residing in Porto, Portugal. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from the University of Porto and has been creating impactful digital products for over four years. Juna values user-centered design that emphasizes elegant efficiency and pragmatic functionality. Her proficiency extends to web and mobile applications, dashboards, websites, and digital marketing materials. In addition, she has experience in marketing and social media management, SEO, and digital communication strategy. Currently, Juna is serving as the primary designer, director of communications, and marketing manager for the startup aiHealth. 


In parallel, Juna is a visual artist working within the fields of printmaking, installation, and video art. Some of her recent exhibitions include: "Encompass" at Galeria Presença, "CIRCA" at Dentro, and "Traversing the In-between" at PB27 Gallery. 


Visual Artist / 2019 - 2023 / Printmaking, Video art, Installation

aiHealth / 2021 - Present / Director of Communication, Marketing Manager, UI-UX Designer

SRG Software / 2019 - Present / UI-UX Designer, Web Designer

Fraendi / 2022 - 2023 / Graphic Designer

The CADRA Project / Nov. - Dec. 2022 / Web Designer

LEAP Magazine / 2019 - 2022 / Co-Founder, Art Director, Web Designer

Juna Wesley is an American digital designer and visual artist currently based in Porto, Portugal. With a professional background spanning four years, she brings diverse experience in UI/UX, web design, and digital communication strategy. In addition, she's had the pleasure of working within various industries such as healthcare, tech, education, and publishing. 

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