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aiHealth is an innovative startup using artificial intelligence to automate repetitive medical coding tasks. Within the organization, I assumed a multifaceted role as the primary designer, director of communication, and marketing manager. 


UI-UX for Web Application / Web Design / Company Identity

2021 - 2023

Adobe XD, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, EditorX, Jira, Confluence, Slack, Zoom

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aiHealth is an innovative startup that is harnessing AI to automate recurring CPT® medical coding tasks. From conceptualization, I was entrusted with the role of principal designer, responsible for shaping their corporate identity through the creation of their logo, website, and comprehensive marketing materials.  I played a key role in designing the user interface for their automated coding platform (aiH.Automate™), which now serves as an indispensable tool for over 200 clients in their daily operations. Later, I took on the positions of marketing manager and director of digital communication. 


Kyle Swarts (President)

SRG Software (Development Team)
Jorge Ramos (Motion Design),

Lourenço Providência (Logo Design)


Project proposal, 2022

Hybrida AiR Artist Residency, Sweden

Interpose is a series of site-specific installations that wereto be produced throughout the six weeks of the Hybrida AiR Residency and displayed in the final exhibition. These interventions incorporate both sculptural and sonic elements and are to be manifested in the various locations of the residency. 

Interpose aims to capture the liminal spaces of the subconscious mind and relate them to the unique environments in which they are placed, creating a dialog between physical and metaphysical worlds. 

Apperception Dreamscapes Series

SEDE ACRDMR collective exhibition, 2021

Coletivo Emer.gente, Fátima, Portugal