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LEAP Magazine was a digital platform and creative collective with a primary focus on empowering and promoting the works of emerging artists in Porto, Portugal. In this capacity, I held the roles of co-founder, art director, and web designer, actively contributing to the platform's vision, development, and success. 

LEAP Magazine

Co-Founder /  Art Director / Web Designer / Videographer 

2019 - 2022

Wix, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Zoom


LEAP Magazine, active from 2019 to 2022, served as a digital platform and creative collective committed to nurturing Porto's artistic community. The initiative empowered young artists by offering them a platform for expression both online and offline, encompassing interviews, publications, exhibitions, and live performances. Over the span of three years, LEAP Magazine achieved significant milestones, including the release of three distinctive editions which featured thirteen unique written and video interviews, the publication of a zine, and the successful hosting of two community events. As a collaborator within the LEAP team, my contributions extended to the design of the online platform, the orchestration of interviews, and the direction of editions and events. 


Maria Figueroa Andrade (Co-founder, Art Director, Videographer)

João Freitas (Interviewer, Editor, Social Media)

Maria Guimarães (Graphic Designer, Art Director, Editor)

Catarina Lucas (Interviewer, Videographer, Editor)


Project proposal, 2022

Hybrida AiR Artist Residency, Sweden

Interpose is a series of site-specific installations that wereto be produced throughout the six weeks of the Hybrida AiR Residency and displayed in the final exhibition. These interventions incorporate both sculptural and sonic elements and are to be manifested in the various locations of the residency. 

Interpose aims to capture the liminal spaces of the subconscious mind and relate them to the unique environments in which they are placed, creating a dialog between physical and metaphysical worlds. 

Apperception Dreamscapes Series

SEDE ACRDMR collective exhibition, 2021

Coletivo Emer.gente, Fátima, Portugal