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Fyns Grafiske Værksted Printmaking Studio

Artist Residency, Odense, Denmark, 2023

Supported by the Danish Foundation of Arts

In December 2023, I was awarded a grant from the Danish Foundation of Arts to participate in the Fyns Grafiske Værksted Printmaking Studio Artist Residency Program in Odense, Denmark. Throughout my four week stay, I focused on producing a new body of work that explored relief print, polyester-lithography, and monotype print. During this time, I became specifically interested in translating digital images (photography, collage, and illustration) to hand-printed works. 

Traversing the In-between

Solo exhibition, 2021

PB27 Gallery, Porto, Portugal

Traversing the In-between is a mixed media exhibition that seeks to visually describe the threshold between the conscious and the subconscious mind. Drawing from the philosophical concept of apperception, Juna Wesley explores the liminal in-between space where thoughts, dreams, and memories live. The artist attempts to depict this transcendental place by investigating metaphysical fields and dreamscapes through the mediums of relief printing, installation, and video. 


Beginning with abundant lightness and ending with intense darkness, this body of work manifests within instances of two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital realities. Born from an infrastructure of meshes and grids, Wesley’s pieces investigate the physicality of superimposition and their resulting optical effects based on repetition, vibration, movement, and illusion. ​By traversing Wesley’s dreamscapes, the viewer is invited to interface with shifting moments of clarity and chaos, challenging their active perception of reality and the boundaries that define it.


Poste - Video Arte - Collective Installation, 2023

Extéril Foundation, Porto, Portugal